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I view my website as a service to my readers to help you save the most by being thrifty with your spending at the store and by being more economical in your home.  Low cost advertising is an extension of that service.  If you’re wondering just how much bang for your buck you’ll receive, here are my latest stats:

As of September 15, 2013
US Alexa Ranking: 50,354
Absolute unique # of visitors: 133,423
FB fan:s 6,094
Twitter followers: 437
Feedburner subscribers: 831
Average # of page views per month during the last year: 18,163
Average # of visits per month during the last year: 6,305

My current rates effective 9/1/2013:

For a 125 x 125* sidebar ad just below the fold with 1 featured post, 1 FB shoutout and 1 twitter shoutout:
$10 for one month
$25 for three months (prepaid)
$45 for six months (prepaid)

*I can design you a simple 125×125 button ad if you need one.  My charge is $2 when you pay for at least one month of advertising on Thrifty Texas Penny or $5 without advertising on Thrifty Texas Penny.

For a banner ad directly beneath my header (up to 728×120):
$35 for one month
$60 for two months

For a featured like on my facebook fan page and 2 monthly FB shoutouts:
$5 for 2 months (prepaid)
$10 for four months (prepaid)

I also promote giveaways for various local and national companies – you may contact me to discuss those options.

If you are looking for less expensive or shorter term advertising options, I do have a Project Wonderful ad box on my site where you can advertise by the hour.

If you are interesting in advertising here on Thrifty Texas Penny please fill out the form below and I will contact you soon after to discuss the options with you. 
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I look forward to working with you to promote your webpage or business!