Lego Christmas Tree 2015

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It’s no secret among friends and family that we are a Lego loving family.  In the past 4 years our collection has nearly tripled in size. To reflect our love for Legos, this year our Christmas tree is decorated exclusively with Lego ornaments.  It took a family effort to create them, thus giving us lots of extra quality time together (sometimes good, sometimes bad LOL) and that’s an extra benefit. Now, lest you begin to throw accolades of how creative we {Read More}

Ways to Organize Legos

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A couple of weekends ago my husband got out his collection of Legos for Little Turkey to play with.  When I say collection, I mean a massive collection – 4 of the grey 10 gallon tubs full! There were a few sets bagged up but that was about as far as the organization went.  This hadn’t been a problem with our older foster boys who loved to dump all the tubs out into a pile and just build.  Turkey doesn’t {Read More}