Making Coke Ice Cubes

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Last week’s Tips for Tuesday was about turning flat soda or day old coffee into icecubes for your soda or to make iced coffee with.  I was really eager to get that almost empty and very flat bottle of Coke out of my fridge this week so I went ahead and tried the Coke ice cube experiment. After about 4 hours the ice cubes were formed but slightly mushy- like an icee that’s left in the freezer too long. (they {Read More}

Tips for How to Store Christmas Lights and Ornaments

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It’s that time of year again- taking down all the holiday decorations and storing them until next year. I don’t know about you, but I’m always more excited about decorating for Christmas than undecorating. It seems like such an endless task and is a bit depressing to put things back to “normal”.  Over the past few years I’ve found a few things to help make it less of a hassle. First check your Christmas boxes and cull any ornaments/decorations that {Read More}

4 Steps to Building a Realistic Stockpile

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The first step in building a stockpile is to know what prices you usually pay and should be able to pay when shopping sales for the products and foods that your family consumes. The last thing you want to do is buy 10 cans of soup on “sale” at a grocery store that are actually priced higher than the generic version at Walmart. The 2nd step in building a stockpile is to build it gradually as you have the extra {Read More}

Does Couponing Take Too Much Time?

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I’ve had many readers lately who have written me about it taking too much time and money to coupon.  Many are simply giving up on the coupons alltogether and are just taking advantage of the sales and RR/ECB deals that are available.  If that’s the case, you’ll still see a good amount of savings if you stockpile those items when they’re on sale. However, I’d like to remind you of how I organize my coupons because I think it may be just {Read More}

How to Clean Socks with Indoor Playground or Lawn Work Stains

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We take our kids to the local indoor playplace for a few moments  of semi-peace, only to come home and fight the horrid black stains on their socks.  Then we regret trading our nighttime peace (because we now have to deal with stains) for a few moments of semi peace during the day.  Here’s how to take care of those pesky stains with the least amount of effort. The easiest way to take care of stains from indoor playplaces is {Read More}

Ways to Enjoy Pre-Sliced Apples Without Them Browning

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apple slicer

Is there anyone who really enjoys eating a sliced apple that’s started to brown?  I didn’t think so! I always thought I had to deal with browning if I wanted to pre-slice my apples for convenience but didn’t want to use lemon juice as a preserver.  Not so!   My friend Angela shared her frugal solution with me recently.  She uses a slicer/corer, then secures the apple with a rubberband to keep it from browning until her son’s lunch time.  {Read More}

Good Things Come in Pairs

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We put on our socks and shoes in pairs because that’s the way it’s always been done.  Of course it would be incredibly uncomfortable to put on only one sock and one shoe, but that’s not the point. The point is that pairs are good. When you’re making lunches for the kids and/or your hubby in the morning, make one for yourself too.  No sense getting everything back out at noon. When you do a load of laundry, put a {Read More}

Travel Trays For Kids to Play While On A Trip

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I made these trays last year at a MOPS meeting.  They’re small $1 store baking trays with scrapbook paper modge podged on top for decoration.   Last week I grabbed them out of the toy closet with a set of magnetic letters so I could work with little Turkey on his sight words during our long trip to visit family over the weekend. I realized they were the perfect size for the kids to use as lap trays while we drove. {Read More}

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale Pt. 1 – Early Preparations

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We are well into garage sale season here in TX and I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get ready.  I’m sure we’ll have another sale with friends within the next month and want it to be a super easy process.  I’m not sure if it’s getting some money back for our stuff, visiting with friends and neighbors, or seeing our unused stuff go to new homes where it will get used.  But whatever the reason, I {Read More}

Guest Post: Stay at Home Mom Tips: Recycling Within Your Home

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Guest post by Reader Danielle. I have always secretly wished to be one of those women who has three plastic bins labeled “plastic,” “paper,” and “glass” in my garage for recycling.  But sadly, I am not.  In my hometown, there isn’t a place to take your recyclables, and you must pay a fee each month to have a green trash bin for compostable items (I hope this is not the case in every town).  Now that I’m taking notice of {Read More}