Lego Christmas Tree 2015

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It’s no secret among friends and family that we are a Lego loving family.  In the past 4 years our collection has nearly tripled in size. To reflect our love for Legos, this year our Christmas tree is decorated exclusively with Lego ornaments.  It took a family effort to create them, thus giving us lots of extra quality time together (sometimes good, sometimes bad LOL) and that’s an extra benefit. Now, lest you begin to throw accolades of how creative we {Read More}

CCC sale Tyler – Children’s Clothing Consignment Sale Tips and Info

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This week is the HUGE CCC sale down at Harvey Convention Center. 2014 Sale hours are: Wednesday 4/9/14- presale by ticket only (volunteers & sellers) Thursday 4/10 and Friday 4/11, 9 am – 6 pm Saturday 4/12,  9 am – 4 pm You’ll find much more than just clothes: Kids clothes, shoes and accessories Kids furniture Baby swings, pack n plays, bouncy seats etc. Bikes and other sports equipment Books, games, puzzles and toys Bedding and home decor On Saturday {Read More}

Little One’s Type 1 Diabetes Update and How You Can Help

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It’s hard to believe we were in the hospital with Little One 2 weeks ago!  We haven’t really given ourselves much time to dwell on all that’s happened since then.  She has always been a hero when it comes to shots so she merely watches and occasionally says “ouch” while getting her insulin.  She even reminds : “do my finger poke mommy, on this finger” (i.e. check her blood sugar before she can eat). Her health and behavior is drastically {Read More}

Update on Little One’s Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

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Many of you were aware from posts on my scenario sites and on facebook that we took Little One to the doctor in Tyler yesterday morning and were referred to Dallas Children’s Hospital ER for a diabetes intake. Here’s a look into our crazy last 2 days. So, this morning about 10:30 she was sleeping and I had a few quiet moments to answer some of your questions…Then by 10:40 it was a madhouse until now… About 3 weeks ago {Read More}

Parenting Styles – Are You a “Have it All Together” Parent?

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parenting styles

A friend of mine posted this as a status update recently on Facebook.  It’s exactly how I feel. Although I may post about how my family celebrates Christmas or Halloween, or how we handle our finances, this doesn’t mean you should do the same thing –  each family should do what works for them! If you are a parent who hides an elf every Christmas, dyes dozens of eggs every Easter, carves three pumpkins every Halloween, bakes homemade cookies at {Read More}

You Can Find Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

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I used to cringe when our foster kids would set their sights on one of the most expensive costumes in the store.  We wanted them to really enjoy their costumes and “be” what they wanted, but when budgets are tight, a $40 or even $20 costume isn’t budget friendly.  Enter the thrift stores – where there are tons of inexpensive Halloween costumes to choose from.  Most thrift stores will store costumes until October when they are highly sought after.  If {Read More}

Into the Woods Disney Musical Production

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I know this is completely unrelated to anything I usually write about, but Into the Woods is one of my all time favorite musicals.  I was very excited to get word today from my Disney rep that it’s already being filmed!   I’m crossing my fingers that this one will be pre-screened in the Dallas markets so I’ll be able to see it early. This is a Disney musical that’s likely to be a hit with older kids (ages 7-14 {Read More}

2013 School Supply Best Prices & Sale Ad Comparison

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2013 School Supply Prices 2013-07-11 20-16-43

If you’re wondering where the best deals on school supplies are each week and whether or not those prices beat Walmart’s “everyday lowest price”, you’ve found all that information here in one place! The first column of  spreadsheet shows the “match it or beat it” price for most common school supply items.  Each week I’ll enter the prices from the sale ads for the 6 national stores in the East Texas area.   The peach colored background indicates that sale {Read More}

How to Clean Socks with Indoor Playground or Lawn Work Stains

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We take our kids to the local indoor playplace for a few moments  of semi-peace, only to come home and fight the horrid black stains on their socks.  Then we regret trading our nighttime peace (because we now have to deal with stains) for a few moments of semi peace during the day.  Here’s how to take care of those pesky stains with the least amount of effort. The easiest way to take care of stains from indoor playplaces is {Read More}

2013 School Supply Shopping Trip Savings

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Yesterday I made a quick trip out to Office Depot and Office Max.  Since I had both kids with me, the trip took a bit longer at about 45 minutes.  When I took a look at my weekly sale price comparison chart for school supplies, I could see there were several things worth making the effort to get on sale. I’m going to show you a break down of costs and compare that to the prices at Target or Walmart.  {Read More}