Parenting Styles – Are You a “Have it All Together” Parent?

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parenting styles

A friend of mine posted this as a status update recently on Facebook.  It’s exactly how I feel. Although I may post about how my family celebrates Christmas or Halloween, or how we handle our finances, this doesn’t mean you should do the same thing –  each family should do what works for them!

If you are a parent who hides an elf every Christmas, dyes dozens of eggs every Easter, carves three pumpkins every Halloween, bakes homemade cookies at least once a week, wraps gifts in such a way that the wrapping is more impressive than the gift, etc…..good for you. You are creating good memories for your kids. If you are a parent who doesn’t even know what the elf on a shelf craze is, prefers plastic eggs over the real thing because you are afraid you will forget where you hid them, doesn’t feel like lugging a huge pumpkin through Walmart, thinks Oreos will suffice, and gets gifts and gift bags on the way to parties ….. Good for you, too. You may not be creating the same memories the “seem to have it altogether parents” may be creating, but I have no doubt that you love your kids just as much. Don’t let the constant reminders on FB of all the things other parents are doing that you may not be doing make you feel like a bad parent. That’s all :-) … And happy holidays to everyone!


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