Little One’s Type 1 Diabetes Update and How You Can Help

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It’s hard to believe we were in the hospital with Little One 2 weeks ago!  We haven’t really given ourselves much time to dwell on all that’s happened since then.  She has always been a hero when it comes to shots so she merely watches and occasionally says “ouch” while getting her insulin.  She even reminds : “do my finger poke mommy, on this finger” (i.e. check her blood sugar before she can eat). Her health and behavior is drastically {Read More}

Happy 3rd Birthday to Thrifty Texas Penny – Reader Survey

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Thrifty Texas Penny turned 3 yrs old last week.  I started it as a tiny blogspot blog, then after purchasing my own custom domain name I redesigned the site.  2 years of writing and teaching have proved where the interests and needs of my readers are.  This year with a new focus and a professional design, my ministry to help others save money in all areas (not just through couponing) has grown to 3 websites with thousands of readers every {Read More}

Thanks for Reading and How to Connect With A Thrifty Penny

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It hasn’t been too long since I started blogging at A Thrifty Penny with just the bare bones.  Little by little I’ve been learning and adding things to the site.  I’ve added e-mail subscriptions and RSS feeds, widgets, backgrounds and headers, and a facebook fan page.  I’m still learning- hence why the blog doesn’t look perfect, but I think it’s at least navigable. Thank you to all my family and friends who started following this little bitty (how fitting is {Read More}