CCC sale Tyler – Children’s Clothing Consignment Sale Tips and Info

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This week is the HUGE CCC sale down at Harvey Convention Center.

2014 Sale hours are:
Wednesday 4/9/14- presale by ticket only (volunteers & sellers)
Thursday 4/10 and Friday 4/11, 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 4/12,  9 am – 4 pm

You’ll find much more than just clothes:

  • Kids clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Kids furniture
  • Baby swings, pack n plays, bouncy seats etc.
  • Bikes and other sports equipment
  • Books, games, puzzles and toys
  • Bedding and home decor

On Saturday any item not marked “no discount” will be sold at half price!
In years past I’ve been able to buy nice items for right at $1 each on half price day, so it you have the time it’s worth a look.

Here are some consignment sale tips in general. There are lots of great bargains to be found, but remember that a “sale” doesn’t make a good price.  Know what you’re willing to pay for a high end outfit or article, middle quality outfit or article, or for play clothes.  Consider what those would cost at Target, Kohl’s, or boutique store so you don’t pay any more than that at the sale.  Know your buy prices before you walk in those doors because it’s awfully tempting to load up when you see the crowds and all of the cute items. Also take an inventory of your kid’s clothes before you go so you’ll know exactly what you need and don’t overbuy.

Be sure to take a large sturdy bag or a cart to shop with.  Lines will be long (but worth the wait if you’re buying several items).  If your kids are coming along be prepared with books etc to keep them busy in the line.  IMO the best way to shop is kidless and with a friend so you can spend all the wait time visiting :-)

All items that don’t sell and aren’t picked up by 6 pm Saturday will be donated to Salvation Army and Living Alternatives.  You might plan a trip to Salvation Army or Living Alternatives stores later in the week too!