You Can Find Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

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Tigger costume from GoodwillI used to cringe when our foster kids would set their sights on one of the most expensive costumes in the store.  We wanted them to really enjoy their costumes and “be” what they wanted, but when budgets are tight, a $40 or even $20 costume isn’t budget friendly.  Enter the thrift stores – where there are tons of inexpensive Halloween costumes to choose from.  Most thrift stores will store costumes until October when they are highly sought after.  If you don’t find something the first time, check back again when they have put out more.

Garage sales also can be a landmine for costumes.  As kids outgrow costumes or change their minds about what they want to “be”, you never know what you’ll find for a buck or two!

Cow costume from Goodwill (great for Chick-fil-A cow appreciation day!))

I scored the Tigger and cow costumes in 2011 at our local Goodwill store for a total of $8.98.  Little One scored a free kids meal at Chick-fil-a on Halloween, plus she’s worn it twice for Cow appreciation day for 2 more free kids meals.  I love items that pull double duty 😀  I remember going through rack of rack of costumes with Little Turkey.  He had picked out at least 5 that were his size that he liked and I had 2 I wanted for Little One, so there were plenty of choices!

Strawberry costume from Goodwill and Handmade Razorback costume

These are their 2012 costumes for a total of $1.99 for at Goodwill! (ok, ok!  So Nana bought the handmade Razorback costume for little Turkey- but she did find it at a garage sale so it still counts!)

After Halloween, you’ll find most costumes clearanced to 75% off or better by about November 10th.  Stores don’t want to still have Halloween merchandise around for Black Friday.  I’ve picked up many a new costume for dress up for less than $2 from these clearances!  For 2013 they both have costumes that my mom picked up for 90% off at Target a few years ago.  Little One will be Piglet (for $1.30) and Little Turkey will be an astronaut (for $2).

Sometimes the best and most inexpensive Halloween costumes are those that you make at home.  One year in junior high I wanted to be a bag of jelly beans.  I poked holes through the bottom of a clear garbage bag, slipped my legs through and filled it up with balloons.  Thankfully my trick-or-treat route was on foot though – I’m not sure I could have sat down in the car to go anywhere!  I’ve seen parents make mummies, sumo wrestlers, boxes of candy and ninja turtles for their kids.  And no one else will have a costume like it.  It’s also a great activity to do with your kids!  Making a costume doesn’t have to require sewing, so don’t let that frighten you away.  These days you can do wonders with a bit of velcro, hot glue and safety pins 😉  Don’t forget our new friend Pinterest for lots of costume ideas too!

Halloween costumes don’t have to cost you a fortune – be flexible depending on what your resources are,  and help your kids make good choices.   Chances are they really don’t care as much about the costume as they do about the games and candy.  :-)

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