2013 School Supply Best Prices & Sale Ad Comparison

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2013 school supply price list

If you’re wondering where the best deals on school supplies are each week and whether or not those prices beat Walmart’s “everyday lowest price”, you’ve found all that information here in one place!

The first column of  spreadsheet shows the “match it or beat it” price for most common school supply items.  Each week I’ll enter the prices from the sale ads for the 6 national stores in the East Texas area.   The peach colored background indicates that sale price is the shelf price for the summer at that store, so no need to rush out for that “sale”. You’ll be able to look at each item you’re needing to buy and see which store has the best price for that week.  Next to each item I’ve listed the goal buy price for each item based on last year’s lowest price we saw at these stores.

Reader Lynn’s Office Depot allows teachers with an Office Depot rewards card to buy up to 4 times the advertised limits of each item.  If you’re a teacher it’s worth asking at any of the stores that have posted limits.  Thanks Lynn!

If you find these lists helpful, please share the links so they can help others. Remember to check back next Sunday afternoon!
This week I left of several prices of items because they were grossly overpriced.  There were no deals for Target.   Be sure to watch Target and Walmart to begin clearancing out their overstock of supplies by the 2nd week of September in our area- earlier if your schools started a few weeks ago. I typically only will buy supplies on clearance if I wasn’t able to get enough or if they beat my buy price.  Otherwise I’ll just wait until next year.

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2013 School Supply Prices 2013-08-25 14-50-50
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  1. Wow this is amazing! Thank you so much for doing this and I will definitely be using this when I go school supply shopping for myself.

  2. Rachael says:

    As a teacher at a Title I school, I provide most of the school supplies for my high school Biology classes. This really helps me plan my school supply shopping. Thanks!

  3. FYI–I am in North Carolina, and when I checked with our local Office Depot, they said that teachers with a Reward Card may purchase up to 4 times the posted limit. For example, if notebooks are limit 2, I could purchase 8 at the sale price. Just thought I’d let others know–it is worth checking out!

  4. Found you last year when I had 3 kids starting school, I’m back every week this summer to see your updates. Thanks for the great resource!

    • I’m so glad to hear that it’s helpful Rebekah! Please share – with 3 kids in school (am I right in reading that as triplets????) I’m sure you know a lot of parents watching for the lowest prices!

  5. Sweetpea16 says:

    You may not have to go from store to store. Most stores (at least OD, Target, Walmart, Staples) honor each other’s sale prices as long as you bring in the ad. That’s how I got 1 cent folders along with other items for 25 cents because I showed my Staples and Target ads to the Office Depot manager.

    • I wasn’t aware that Staples and Office Depot would price match. I’ll check into that. I know sometimes there’s an issue for store brand items – some will match with their own store brand and others won’t. :-( Staples isn’t close enough for those of us in Tyler to price match, but OD and OM are of course. The manager at my Mom’s OM told her that they were bought out by OD, so her OM was honoring OM prices. who knows til it actually happens and I’m too lazy tonight to search to find out LOL

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