Ways to Enjoy Pre-Sliced Apples Without Them Browning

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Is there anyone who really enjoys eating a sliced apple that’s started to brown?  I didn’t think so!
I always thought I had to deal with browning if I wanted to pre-slice my apples for convenience but didn’t want to use lemon juice as a preserver.  Not so!

apple slicer


My friend Angela shared her frugal solution with me recently.  She uses a slicer/corer, then secures the apple with a rubberband to keep it from browning until her son’s lunch time.  Genius!


Reader Jenny shared that her father stores partially sliced apples on the fridge shelf knowing that his grandkids will want more sooner rather than later. (Why bother with a cling wrap box or washing a container when the apple will get finished within the day, right?When the kids want more apple he simply slices off the thin browning layer, then slices them a fresh slice.  Also genius!

What frugal household or kitchen tips do you have?  I’m always looking for other ways to stretch our resources!

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