Make a little Cash by Taking Surveys

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This week’s cash earning tip is Ipsos-Say. This site is a survey site only. They only send me e-mails for the surveys that match my profile. Cash out level is 500 points, which is $5.00 and it takes about 6 or 7 completed surveys to reach this. You can earn an easy $10 a month.

Most of the surveys I take are advertising surveys.  I may get to review a movie trailer or several commercials for new products.  I’ve even review magazines!  I actually enjoy their surveys, which is a big part of why they are the first site I use for surveys. 

This year I got paid $10 to review some cleaning products and then paid another $5 for returning them!  Now that was easy money :-)

My favorite part about I-Say is that they value my time. If I don’t qualify for a survey I will know within the first minute of the survey and they will still award me 5-10 points for my time-and I’ll know within 30 seconds. I usually complete their surveys while watching TV in the evenings, so it’s not taking extra time from my day. I have found that if I complete the survey soon after getting their e-mail I will almost always qualify. I typically get offered 2 -4 surveys a week. Click here to join today.

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