Simplified Freezer Cooking

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I would really love to do one of the big freezer cooking days. But I have to remind myself that our small apartment freezer looks like this: Sooooo until DD drinks her way through the milk supply, we continue to do our simplified but effective version of freezer cooking: We often make much more than we can eat in a single meal and freeze the rest in meal size ziplock bags or containers. While the door of my freezer does have more milk for DD, it also has containers of taco meat, pulled pork for BBQ, and seasoned chicken and pork. By cooking up the entire 2.25 lb package of ground beef and seasoning it, we cook and clean for 4 meals only one time. We don’t spend an entire weekend in the kitchen, but we still benefit from cooking in advance. What do you think? Could this work for you?

Update in Jan. 2012.  Even though we have a larger freezer in our house and there isn’t any milk in it, we’re still doing simplified freezer cooking.  It just works best for our family with little Turkey’s special dietary needs and the amount of time that we have (or don’t have) to cook. We can usually get dinner on the table from start to finish in under 30 minutes or less.


  1. Apartment refrigerators are ridiculous, aren’t they? I’ve had a full size fridge for 2 weeks now and I am still in awe of how much it holds. I always cook a little extra, too. Not to freeze, but to reheat for lunch. 99% of the time my husband is home for lunch. I hate thinking about what’s for lunch. I need something fast and I refuse to cook more than once a day. I’m also not a huge fan of sandwiches and neither is my husband so what to fix? Leftovers! I need to work on my estimating, though. The kiddos eat more now than they used to.

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