How to Maximize Your Savings at Walgreens

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I have waited to post on how to shop at Walgreens, because word is they are changing their rewards system to something more similar to that of CVS. I had hoped that it would be expanded to everyone by now, but alas….

But, Walgreens has finally posted a corporate coupon policy on their website, found here. My thanks to and readers for encouraging corporate to finally produce such a document. I highly recommend that you print this and carry it with you every time you shop at Walgreens, as their employees are notorious for not having much knowledge of how coupons and RRs work.

Currently, at MOST Walgreen’s stores here is the low down:

  • When using manufacturer coupons you cannot have more coupons than items. You may have to pick up a “filler” item in order to be able to use a coupon or register reward. This can be as cheap as a penny, it is just there so your coupon count will not exceed your items purchased count.
  • In ad coupons are store coupons and don’t count toward this total. They will be applied to all items in your transaction that qualify for that coupon.
  • You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon for each item.
  • Register Rewards are coupons awarded after your transaction has processed. These are manufacturer’s coupons and do count toward your coupons / item total.
  • Register Rewards cannot be used to pay tax and cannot be used to purchase another Register Reward item from the same company.
  • Just because you use a coupon on a RR item does not mean that RR won’t print. The coupon policy does not prohibit this.
  • Often products will be advertised as free after Register Reward. Use a manufacturer coupon to purchase this product and “make money” by receiving a Register Reward back in a higher amount that you paid.
  • The best way to hand the cashier your coupons is in this order: 1- manufacturer coupons and register rewards 2- store coupons.

If you are using coupons in accordance with the new coupon policy, and a cashier says you are doing something wrong, politely ask to speak with a manager and show them the corporate policy. If you are still denied your coupons, I would write down the names of the cashier and manager, leave all items at the register, go home and call corporate with the information. There is a policy and if we follow it, it should be honored.

Each week I’ll be posting the best deals I see at Walgreens. Some items will be free, some will “make you money”, while some are simply a good deal and time to stock up. I’ll post my plans for how to get the most product while spending the least money out of pocket. Consider purchasing products listed here to save money on your household budget. If an item will be free or a moneymaker you can always donate it to help others.

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