We met Jack Hanna!

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Our family loves to visit the zoo.  When we moved to Tyler this year we decided to get a family pass so that we could pop in for an hour or so whenever we wanted to.  Turkey can’t seem to get enough of East Africa, the tigers, and strangely enough- the flamingos.  Well, one of the great perks to having the family zoo pass is that we got to attend a presentation by Jack Hanna himself!  I requested our free tickets as soon as I got word that he was coming to our zoo.  Turkey watches Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventure’s several mornings a week so I thought he would really enjoy getting to meet him.  Well, he didn’t like the “show” and was even more displeased with waiting in line for a half hour to meet Jack.  Jack was super nice to us and wanted to give each of us a signed autograph even though I insisted that just one for Turkey was enough.  You can see that Turkey was as shy as ever, but hopefully he will think it’s cool when he looks back through his photos and keepsakes as he grows up and sees that he really did meet Jack Hanna the wild animal guy. 

Funny thing is the best part of the evening for the kids seemed to be the walk out of the zoo and back to the van.  No shyness or fussiness to be found in our little entourage.  Little One was fascinated by the trees over head.  She just cooed and cooed to them.  Evidently she had never noticed them before.

And Turkey wanted to “drive” the coin press machine- hey it made him happy and I’m not about to tell him what it really does.  There are plenty more years down the road for that.

I’m glad we went. Even though Turkey didn’t really enjoy it, Hubby and I still think it’s pretty cool.

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