Highest Paying Online Rewards Programs & My Favorites

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Instead of sharing a new idea, this week I thought I’d update you on some best performing online rewards programs that I participate in.

Zoombucks I earn an average of $4.00 weekly/$18.00 monthly.  Granted I only joined this program 2 weeks ago, and earned about $2.50 in sign up/profile points, but it is still a really good return without those dollars the first week.  This is a search and win site but I’ve earned most of my points from playing games and completing free offers.  Twice I’ve even searched using swagbucks but it would jump over to a zoombucks screen and I’d win bucks with both programs!  I would highly recommend using your “junk” e-mail when signing up for this program if you plan to sign up for any free offers to get bucks.  You can see my original post about Zoombucks here.

Swagbucks– I earn an average of  $1.67 weekly/ $7.50 monthly. I always redeem for Amazon GCs and now have a healthy amount of amazon dollars to order the last Christmas gift for our son.  I love being able to earn a bit of extra cash for just doing my regular searching.  It is funny though that after a year and a half I still say “google it” instead of “swagbucks it”.  I guess it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

InboxDollars – I earn an average of $.88 weekly/$3.96 monthly.  The majority of this money is earned just from clicking through 2-3 e-mails a day.  Super easy.  I also print all of my coupons.com coupons from here, because I get $.10 in my account when they are redeemed.  They also offer some online shopping rewards (like $8.00 for buying the Entertainment book)

MyPoints I earn an average of $.47 weekly/$2.11 monthly.  This is the first rewards program that I ever signed up for- way back in 1997!  It has performed consistently over the years with very minimal effort on my part.  I simply click through e-mails to earn points to get gift cards from many different sponsors.  I usually cash in for Pizza Hut for a treat. 

IpsosIsay is my favorite survey company for 2 reasons.  1- they only send me surveys that I am likely to qualify for, and if I take them within the first day they are sent to me I usually do qualify. 2-If I don’t qualify I will know within the first minute and still get the equivalent of $.05 or $.10 in my account anyway.  I don’t every feel that I’m wasting my time with this company. They’ve even paid me $15 to test and review products for them! They are accepting moms here and other young adults here.

Ebates is my favorite shopping rewards site.  They have the largest choice of retailers and even offer coupon codes through their links to the retailers.  Sometimes I choose to use a different shopping site because the rewards may be higher somewhere else, but overall Ebates has the best options and rewards. Now is a great time to sign up if you’re gearing up for online Christmas shopping.  The $5 new account bonus is always a nice boost too!  Don’t forget you can order online with many retailers and ship to store for free!

I hope this is helpful as we near the Christmas shopping season and everyone would like to stretch their dollars a little bit further.

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