Recycling Cans

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If you drink sodas consider holding your soda cans out of your regular recycling bins.  Tossing them into a separate bin takes no effort at all.  You can drop them off when you’re going close to the recycling center and you have several garbage bags full.  Back in Arkansas this was really easy for us, because the center was about a mile from the house.  Here it’s not so close or in an area that we typically go to, so I save our cans to drop off at our church.  What a great way to support missions and keep stuff out of the landfills!  Currently each can is worth about 2 cents so figure that it’s like getting a $.25 rebate on each 12 pack you buy.  It can add up quicker than you might think!

There are many churches, schools and other non-profit organizations that recycle aluminum cans that you could donate to.  To search for recycling centers in your area visit