Do You Need a Vacation From Deal Shopping?

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I wrote last summer about the financial benefits of stockpiling.  I mentioned in that post but didn’t concentrate on, the benefit of saving time.  So how much time can having a stockpile save?  Hours upon hours!  You probably didn’t realize it, but I can go for weeks without buying more than just milk, bread, and fruit at the grocery store.  Likewise it’s not uncommon for me to go 3-4 weeks without shopping at CVS or Walgreens

Seems a bit weird to see these big scenarios for CVS and Walgreens that I write knowing that I may not be going to the store right?  Currently, I have about a years worth of deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body washes and shampoo/conditioner for my family.  All in the brand we prefer.  I keep 2 boxes for items that aren’t our preferred brands, both of which are currently full.  I don’t feel pressured to get out to the store each week because I know I have enough in my 2 boxes to cover any donation drives I may participate in.  Last week I only bought Sinex, Crest and razors, this week I’m only buying Huggies.  Certainly makes for a quick trip in and out.  There wouldn’t ever be much room in my cart for an entire scenario’s worth of items anyway!

When there are good sales on grocery items I stock up.  I may have a very busy month of grocery shopping that yields bulging cabinets, but then the next couple of months will be light. I haven’t been down the canned veggie aisle since I stocked up at Target before Thanksgiving!  Many times I just walk the perimeter of the store.  It’s a huge timesaver to not struggle down every aisle of the store with my cart that’s already filled with my children before I even make it in the door. 

So if you’re overwhelmed with deal shopping and wondering how I do it all– the answer is mostly from my couch!  I truly enjoy the math side of writing the scenarios (I debated in college whether to change my degree from music education to accounting) and I love knowing that by investing that time, I’m helping others to save lots of money.  I buy very few of the products/goods that I post about because I already have a good stockpile and know I already have enough.  It’s ok to take time of from stockpiling.  Buy the perishables for the week and eat from your pantry/freezer.  Saving money is a job, is it time for your vacation yet


  1. Good stuff! Sometimes I just take a break to take a break. I got a fabulous coupon binder for Christmas 2009 & cut & sorted and made lots of good use out of it, esp. when Price Cutter closed – but – right now I’m mostly couponing just from the flyers, rather than cutting them all apart. (You also know it’s a drive to get to Target from here, so weekly doesn’t work there.) Anyway, I love the mega deals, and work some from time-to-time, but I’m on a break from the heavy-duty stuff right now.


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