Pediasure Try Me Free Rebate

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There is a new Try Me Free rebate out on Pediasure products.  A pack of 8 oz. bottles is upwards of $9.99, so it’s an expensive product to buy.  This comes as a relief to many families like ours who rely on pediasure to keep toddlers from being skin and bones (ok, so our Turkey is still skin and bones, but at least he stays at the 5th percentile with pediasure- a true accomplishment for him)   You can print the rebate form here.

The wording says “Minimum purchase requirement of $6.47 on PediaSure or PediaSure SideKicks to be valid. Cash, check, or credit card must be used in transaction.”  It’s possible that using Qs, ECB, or RRs and having an OOP total under $6.47 might invalidate the rebate, so be careful.

One submission per household, but it’s worth asking friends to purchase a 6 pk and submit the MIR in their name.  You can always spot them the stamp 😉


  1. Awesome! I am loving your blog and I am your newest follower!

  2. Thanks, it’s great to have you along for the ride :-)