Do You Save Ziplock Bags?

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You guys all know that I love convenience.  I keep a stock of conveniently packaged foods (bought at great prices of course) for those nights when Hubby is out of town.  I cook meats in bulk and freeze them so I can conveniently add them to any dish and cut my prep and clean up time in half.   We chose the location of our house because it was convenient to every place that we go with regularity.  I also love the convenience of zip lock bags. 

Are they financially frugal? no (maybe one of my kids will marry into the S.C. Johnson family and give us a lifetime supply!!)

Are they worth the cost for the sake of time? yes

My motto here at Thrifty Texas Penny is “Saving You Time and Money”  Sometimes saving time has to trump the cost of replacing an item.

Because I am a frugal person I like to make my ziplocks last as long as possible.  Just because they’re made of thin plastic doesn’t mean they have to be thrown away after one use.  For me personally I don’t want to take the time to saran wrap a package each time that I get into it, nor do I want to find the space to keep enough tupperware containers for each open package in my cupboards.  Here’s how I reuse all those wonderfully convenient baggies without washing them:

  • Label bags when they are used to seal an open package.  I have bags labeled for crackers, chips, brocolli etc.  When the package is empty I throw away the regular packaging but put the labeled bag back in the drawer with new ziplocks.  I’ll naturally see these bags to reuse them before taking a new one from the box to use for the same item.
  • Be sure to ask your child’s teachers (or tell your older child) to put those chips bags back into their lunchbox to use again tomorrow- same chips same crumbs. 
  • If your child brings things home from school, put these bags back into your ziplock drawer on the side.  I know that any loose bags that are unlabeled are to use for non food items.
  • Keep bags that were used to store meats in your freezer. (I opened the freezer one afternoon to find 2 empty bags labeled taco meat.  At first I thought “what in the world?!?”, but then I almost melted with love for my husband who was trying to match my frugal ways after I fussed at him for using a labeled bag for something else)  What a great idea-the freezer will keep the bags fresh and ready to store the same item again the next time we cook a triple batch.

I’m sure you guys have many more great ideas for reusing ziplock bags.  I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments for everyone to see and benefit from them.


  1. HUGE labelled Ziploc fan here too with the handful of used and labelled bags in the freezer. It is also very practical since you know what you are out of as well when you see an empty bag there calling out for some stuffin’.

  2. LOL! “calling out for some stuffin'” You crack me up girl! I actually hadn’t thought of the practicality of those empty bags in the freezer. One more score for hubby.

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