Snow Day Learning for Preschoolers and Young Elementary Kids

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Many of you are experiencing winter weather (21+ inches of snow back home!) so I thought I would remind you of a great resource for your younger kids. has many excellent stories for children ages 2-8. Turkey just turned 3 and has been using the computer to “do the gingerbread man” story since last summer. He also loves the turkey, snowman and pumpkin stories.  Here is the snowman that he decorated this afternoon.

These stories teach shapes, colors, body part etc. while the kids learn how to use a computer mouse and learning to recognize letters and letter sounds.  Starfall has a story for each letter of the alphabet, as well as many sound chunks. These stories have fun songs and games.  I just noticed today that they have now added a new site that also has many math games.  

If you’re looking for something constructive for your kids to watch, don’t forget there are tons of clips they can watch on  You can search by topic or character and about 10 clips will play in small set together that are all a common theme.  You can even hit F10 on your keyboard to make the clips play full screen.  It’s a great way to control what your kids see, when you want them to see it, and without all the product driven commercials!

Enjoy your winter weather everyone!

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