From the Mouths of Babes pt. 3

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There’s Carolion Mom!” (looking at a picture of an old friend’s daughter named Caroline)

I have freckles” (looking at the bumps on either side of his chest)

Me: “Do you want some more polynesian sauce for your chicken nuggets?”
Turkey: “I like Paula Deen’ses sauce Mama!”  (yes Deen’ses)  Oh, that boy and his cooking!

Me: “Where are your glasses, bud?”
Turkey: “I don’t have no idea, Mama.

Me: “Are you kidding me?”
Turkey: “No, I’m just being facetious

He ate a whole banana for snack, which is a lot for him.
Me: “Did you really eat that whole banana?”
Turkey very seriously nods his head yes
Daddy “Man bud, that’s going to make a really big terd”
Turkey thinks for a moment, “Can I have another banana?

I don’t like Broccomole Mama!

Daddy: “[Turkey], you put the P in PJs.”
Turkey: “No Daddy, it’s Peter James and John in a sailboat” (singing the tune of course)

Turkey: “He rushed at them and butted them with his horns”
Me: “Who did?”
Turkey: “The Troll did to the really goats, don’t you know that story?”

Turkey: “What’s her name, Mama?”
Me: “Her name is Robin”
Turkey: “Christopher Robin?”

Turkey: “I have one of those back at my college
Me: “Really? What do you do at college”
Turkey: “I cook in my really big pots and on my square griddle, and then I get to watch Blue’s Clues


  1. Anonymous says:

    love these – smart boy!!


  2. I miss that boy.

  3. This was a great laugh–smart boy! facetious is a big word! I’m saying hi from link up

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  5. OMG I love it!! Thanks for sharing your post on my linky!!!

  6. He’s going to have quite the vocabulary when he gets older!

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