Ouch! and Wow!

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At first I wasn’t sure which to say, but I feel pretty confident that they both are an accurate reflection of how I feel at this moment, having just looked at this comparison chart., that Danielle shared with me. I have a long way to go, but what a great way to remind us to be Godly mothers and not just mothers.

Since my post yesterday about not being able to do all I felt I should do and finally allowing little Turkey to “help” me with some things, I’ve had many of you leave comments or e-mail to encourage me.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness to lift me up.  Yesterday ended up being one of those silly woman emotional days and everyone’s kind words came at the perfect moment to lift me up.  If you are a Mom or plan to be, I think you’ll want to take a moment to look over this comparison chart between a Super Mom and an Abiding Mom

And to my friend Leah from back in NWA, thanks for always being a great example of an Abiding Mom for me.  (even if I didn’t always agree with you!)  :-)

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