Tips for Tuesday

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As I was thinking about my time saver post for last Thursday, I realized that I was running out of new things to tell you about saving time.  I could go back and repost old ones, but really thought perhaps I should go in a new direction.  This week I’m starting my Tips for Tuesday.  You never know what tips I’ll have for you, from kitchen to bathrooms, bedrooms, backyards and beyond.  I won’t be dropping my time savers completely, they’ll just fit into this new category and will likely be fewer and farther between.  I hope I’ll be able to give you some useful reminders every Tuesday to help you be more efficient in and out of your homes. 

In case you’re wondering- my Ways to Save Money and Ways to Make Money posts will be moving to Thursday.  Tips for Thursday just didn’t have the same ring to it- ya know?

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