Little One Had a Birthday!

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Little One is 1 now, which means we’ve been Texans for almost a year- hard to imagine! 
Here are a few pictures from her birthday party.  We just had an intimate party with grandparents and a couple of friends.  But boy did she get spoiled!
MeMee’s favorite 1st birthday gift for her grandkids is a rocking chair!
She thinks this baby doll is really swell.  Unfortunately so does her big brother.
She got the Drop and Roll Dinosaur, Roll Around Treehouse, and Fisherprice Grand Piano all passed on down from her brother’s baby toys days.  The Roll Around toys are some of the greatest toys for babies this age- too bad they don’t make them anymore!  I did buy her one new toy (last summer at Target’s 75% off sale).  I think she’s got plenty already!
Nana set her up with lots of girly toys.
Here’s a video of her playing with the birthday balloon that her mother forgot to give her at the party-oops, that means me! Glad she still liked it a couple of days later.
We had a great time celebrating with friends and spending a few days with grandparents from out of town.  I’m glad that I can’t think of another thing that requires lots of planning on my part for quite some time though  :-)

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