New Sesame Street Series on Money

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Sesame Street has launched a new program to educate 3-5 yr olds about finances. You can watch finance video clips on the Sesame Street website.

I just finished watching the first video with my 3 yr old and he loved it!  It was about Elmo having a dollar and wanting to buy a ball that cost 5 dollars.  He learned that he needed to work and save his money to earn the other 4 dollars. By the time he had the $5 dollars he decided to give one to Cookie Monster because he needed cookies- so sweet!  Then he decided to buy a less expensive, but still neat ball.  I was really impressed with the content of this video. 

You can also access a parent guide and a teacher guide from their website along with printable Sesame Street play money.  What a fun age appropriate way to teach preschoolers about being responsible with money!

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  1. This is cool! My tivo is automatically set up to record all new episodes of SS. I’m a new GFC follower from Wonder Wednesday blog hop.

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