From the Mouths of Babes pt. 4

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Oh what a mess he’s becoming at 3 and a half!

“That’s my ‘Hey Vern’ face”
His Daddy is a big Jim Varney fan, so he’s taught little Turkey how to say
“Hey Vern, know what I mean?” and make the face. Turkey is very proud of his ‘Hey Vern’ face.

Me: “Time to clean up, you can start by picking up your puzzle”
Turkey: “You can start by picking up everything else
(Nice try buddy!)

“We have to get the potty soil Mama”

Grandma: “What size shoes do you wear?”
Turkey: “Exercise”
Grandma: “No, what size are your shoes?”
Turkey: “They’re exercise shoes”

Look I’m hopping like a bunny, ribbit ribbit” (and he was skipping, not hopping)

When naming the planets with Nana,
Turkey “Mercury, Venus,…..”
Nana “What planet do you live on?”
Turkey “Earth! What planet do you live on, Nana?”


  1. S. Davis says:

    love these – they are great!!

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