My House is So Not Perfect

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Trust me, it’s not perfect.  Besides the fact that one bathroom is straight from the 50’s and the other is from the 90s, I am not a decorator and my house stays cluttered and messy.  I know you’ve read about how I like to do this, or I like to do that, and how I try my best to not have to scrub.  All that is true, but what you focused on was the task and not the “like to” or “try to”.  There are days and sometimes even a week that I do really good and keep things picked up and the kitchen cleaned daily, but mostly it just doesn’t.  Those that know me personally know I’m not perfect, nor is my house.  

A few weeks ago I decided to make a list of all the things I could come up with that are on my big to do list so I could see what I needed to be tackling when I did have the occasion that everything else was taken care of.  Turns out just about everything I need to do is in the office.  Since it can’t get lost in my cluttered house, I’m going to use this list to help me get things done since, well, quite frankly we keep the office door shut and it’s easy to forget about it.  :-)

Oh- and in case you’re wondering, I use a laptop that’s never even been into the office.  Nor has the desk or the printer…..  That should give you some idea that the office hasn’t really become an office yet.  If you would, take a look and maybe you can help me stay encouraged to get my tasks done so that I can begin to lift those weights off my shoulders.   

Here’s My Big To Do List


  1. My house is definitely not perfect either. I always have piles of things waiting to be but away, mountains of laundry waiting to be washed and folded, closets that need a good cleaning and de-cluttering…I really doubt anyone has a home that is perfect all of the time. I think it is great you made a to-do list! Can’t wait to see how the office/guest room turns out.

  2. Right now my whole house is in shambles! The dining room table is in the living room, all 8 chairs are in the bedroom & it is basically chaos over here. Oh, and did I mention that Dave’s brother & SIL are coming tomorrow? And that the dining room is still only half painted? No one has a perfect house. And if anyone does, I probably couldn’t be friends with them–we wouldn’t have anything in common! Seriously though, you have some great goals there and a good plan. You can do it!

  3. Oh, and Leah, you have a very good excuse though. You’re in the middle of painting. I do hope you’re planning to chronicle this on your blog.

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