Reader Tip: Cheap Glue Dot Runners for Scrapbooking, Plus Free Men’s Gifts

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A reader sent in this tip recently to share with you all:

Danielle says: “I saw a few weeks back on your weekly spending that you got something from Harbor Freight.  I wanted to let you know of a great deal in our local store. I am a scrapbooker, and on their home aisle, Harbor Freight sells Glue
Dot Runners for .37!!!  So, I buy one, and then use a coupon for a
flashlight, pair of multipurpose scissors, or tape measure and get that
for free.  those items make great stocking stuffers, little bday
presents, etc…  It seems like I always need to have more “guy gifts” around than I do.  these are great!   Every guy in our life will get a little flashlight this year for christmas, ha!!!”

I don’t scrapbook, but she shared with me that the glue dot runners usually are $3 or $4, so $.37 sounds like a steal!

Thanks for sharing Danielle!

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