Can You Help Me Pick Out a New Design?

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I’ve been watching other bloggers talk about the $2 T-shirt deal for a couple of days now.  Like most online deals that cost money, I immediately deleted this one because- it costs money. :-)  I’m just not a big fan of online deals.  But today as I was putting some clothes away (cleaned out the laundry room this afternoon) I remembered that I’ve been wanting a new shirt because I’m down to my last ss shirt by the time I get to laundry day.  So I figured I would do the $2 T-shirt deal and get a shirt that advertises my site.  I’ve already put one into my cart and the shipping comes to $4.41 so for a grand total of $6.41 I’ll have a brand new T-shirt with a dual purpose.  Not too shabby for advertising :-)

There are so many designs to choose from and I can’t make up my mind.  I’d like to do a 24 hour poll and see which T-shirt you think I should order.

A- Blue Flower

B- Pink, Yellow and Orange Flowers

C- Green Boxed Flower

D- Pink Flower

The poll is at the top of the right sidebar and will end Thursday night at 9 pm CST.

If you’d like to order a shirt too, you can do that here.  From what I see, you don’t even have to put any text on the shirt, you could just leave those blank and have a nice design for $6.41. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. :-)


  1. Michelle Clark says:

    I like choice B…nice bright colors!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t make my mind between A and B :-)

  3. I really like the flower on A best but I like the font & size of the text better on B. I also really like the smaller flowers scattered on B.

  4. Exactly! There are elements of each design that I like. If I could combine the text from one with the picture from another I’d be set. But these are pre set designs. :-(

  5. A. matches your site and I am all for consistent branding but B.’s colors pop and might catch more attention.