I Need Some Fashion Advice

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I am not a fashionista, by any means.  Growing up I had no sense of style (still don’t really) so I would just wear my older sister’s hand me downs because she was very popular and fashionable.  Being a frugalist herself, this suited our mother just fine.  Now to my dilemma- I splurged and bought this lovely shirt from JCPenney back in April (40% off and used a GC from Christmas).

Yes it’s been in my closet for 10 weeks and I have yet to wear it because I’m not sure what to do about that necklace like thing.  Is it supposed to be a necklace that I detach and wear, or is it supposed to be worn as a necklace and stay attached the front of the shirt?  It’s attached on the inside, so I think it needs to be cut.  My husband says it’s not.  I have no idea about these things, and I rarely go the mall so it’s not like I can go look at the mannequins to see.  Anyone know?


  1. Beth Moore says:

    it looks like it is attached to the front of the shirt? if so, then it should all be worn together with the straps acting like a halter. I have a few shirts that have the same type of thing, I wear them all attached as one piece.

  2. Yeah, its supposed to look like you are wearing a halter top underneath it. Leave it attached. :) Cute shirt!

  3. thanks ladies, it’s attached on the inside though and not at the top of the shirt. When it’s tied up it makes the front of the shirt pooch out. Granted I don’t have a whole lot up there, but I’d like to keep what I do have to myself, ya know?

  4. S. Davis says:

    I agree – it’s supposed to be attached. However, if it doesn’t work for you that way, if the stitching isn’t too technical, you could snip it & try it w/o it & restitch it if you needed to do so. Cute! Good luck!

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  6. If I had purchased that shirt, I’d probably detach it. That seems uncomfortable to me, to have the necklace attached to the shirt. But I’m far from fashionable, nor do I know anything about latest fashions. Maybe it’s connected to the shirt to prevent someone from taking it.

  7. Super cute! I have had a shirt similar to this one before and you DO leave the halter/necklace attached but if you are worried about people “reading your mail” as my Momma says, then it would look equally cute in the fall or spring with a thin long sleeve t-shirt underneath. But what do I know, I wear a bra for a purse! 😉

  8. I’m no fashion guru — I just saw the post on your Facebook and wanted to see what you were asking :-). Love the shirt.

  9. Thanks everyone, hopefully this week I’ll put it out the closet and get it worn. Pary Moppins and H,R,E and C- you guys crack me up! :-)