Walgreens Beginner’s Scenario 6/5- 87% savings

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This is a beginner level scenario starting with a $3 RR.  You can view my other Walgreens scenarios for this week here.

Transaction 1
1 Reach Total Toothbrush @ 2.50
1 Reach Total Floss @ 2.50
1 Sobe Lifewater 20 oz @ .99
subtotal $5.99
use $2.50/2 toothbrush and floss from 4/17 SS
use $3 RR from last week
new total $0.49, get $3 RR for Reach and $.99 RR for Sobe 

Transaction 2
Bic Soliel or Comfort 3 or Advanced Razor @ 5.99
1 Dove bar @ 89
subtotal: $6.88
Use $3/1 Soliel from 5/1 SS or Use $3/1 comfort or advanced from 6/5 SS
use in ad Q for dove (takes off $.80)
use $3 RR
New total: $.88, get $2 RR

Transaction 3
2 Nivea for Men Body Wash @ 7
1 No Nonsense Knee High @ .79
subtotal: $7.79
Use (2) $2/1 body wash from 6/5 RP
use in ad Q for knee highs (takes off $.45)
use $2 RR
New total: $1.34, get $2 RR

Totals: $20.66 at sale prices for $2.71 OOP, a savings of 87%.  Start with $3 in RRs and end with $2 in RRs.


  1. Let me start out by saying how helpful your blog has been for me as a coupon virgin. Everything has been extremely helpful and I appreciate all of your work! I did have a question on the Walgreens deal this week on the Fusion razors (this was my first week shopping there). I purchased the first razor, with the $4 dollar coupon from Sunday paper, and received back a $5 coupon on my next purchase. I then used that $5 coupon on my next transaction that also had a fusion razor with it, but did not receive back another $5 coupon. I don’t recall seeing anything in the ad that said you couldnt do more than one so long as they were in separate transactions. I guess im stumped since they don’t use a discount card like CVS. Please help!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    At Walgreens you aren’t allowed to use the RR from a deal to pay for the same deal. That’s why the RR didn’t print. Every once in a while this will work, and you’ll read that a deal is “rolling” but it usually gets quickly. Have you printed the coupon policy for Walgreens yet? I’d recommend printing it and reviewing it, as well as carrying it with you to the store in your coupon binder, clutch, or pouch. You can find it easiest by going to my Wags matchups for this week. There’s a link at the time with me “walgreens rules in a nutshell bit”

  3. Thanks for your help and quick reply…newbie mistake on my part!

  4. sure thing! It’s not just a newbie thing though- I did the same thing last month with the cottonelle RR deal. I had bought the cottonelle the previous week so I didn’t even think about it. We all make mistakes and Wags is a hard system to follow. You’ll get it :-)