Progress on the Storage Room/Office/Guest Bedroom

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I posted a while back about my massive to do list.  Basically it was a list of items to be attended to in my office/guest bedroom that at the time looked more like a storage room, since were using it as such.  Here’s my to do list and the pictures of the room before I started working on it.  And here is a picture of it now.

My parents came to stay for a few days and they sleep in Turkey’s room since he has two twin beds.  While they’re here Turkey sleeps in the office/guest bedroom on his old toddler bed (remember he’s the size of the average 2 year old, so we’ve got many years that this will work).  The wall of boxes half hidden by the table cloth is our Christmas items and my boxes of classroom decorations and teaching supplies.  The office supplies have all been sequestered in the closet.  My desk will get moved into the office tonight so that I have a dedicated place to work and Little One can no longer reach my keyboard to erase my posts.  I’m also hoping that my Gone With the Wind puzzle will get hung on the wall about it, but that may be asking too much  :-)  I’ll start back up in a week or so to start sorting through the office supplies, move on to teaching items, and finally Christmas items.  Thanks for everyone’s encouragement. I’m very excited about having my office back!

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