Coke and Coffee Ice Cubes

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If you’re like me, you pour your soda over ice even if the soda was cold to begin with. Then 30 mins later (or 10 in this Texas heat) you find it sitting on the counter, barely any has been drunk, and the ice has melted leaving you with a watered down soda that is no longer appealing.

I read a tip years ago to freeze day old coffee into cubes to use for iced coffee drinks so that regular ice cubes wouldn’t water down the taste.  Brilliant!  I’m trying the same thing with soda.  I have some soda left in a 2 liter from a party a couple of weeks ago that I’m freezing into ice cubes.  Next time I have a soda I’ll use those ice cubes so that I won’t end up with a watered down drink.  I have some cans of coke that are nearing their best by date (I usually only drink one a week) that I’ll probably open up and freeze into cubes as well.  I like knowing that I don’t have to drink flat or watered down soda, nor will those slightly off tasting sodas go to waste!

Has anyone tried this?  If so, I’d love to know how it worked for you.

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  1. Don’t forget leftover wine can be frozen in cubes and put into sauces, main courses, or sangrias…that of course assumes that there would BE any leftover wine. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too live in Texas. This heat has been brutal. I drink less than 1 soda a day. I must be COKE…the ‘real thing’ as the saying goes. I often take 1/2 a bottle of soda and freeze it. Then the next day I open a new bottle and pour it over the frozen Coke. Wonderful. I have never tried the ice cube trick with Coke..I do it with Tea…so the tea does not water down.
    Roxie in Round Rock

  3. I’ve done this with coffee because I like an iced coffee in the afternoons but ice waters it down. My hubby took it a step farther and used the frozen coffee cubes in the blender to make frappuccino =)

  4. I haven’t tried the soda ice cubes, but my husband likes to put a can of Dr. Pepper in the freezer for a quick chill. If he forgets, and it gets frozen, it turns into a nasty flat slushy syrup that I don’t think you would want to put in your soda. I love the coffee idea, though!

  5. Can’t wait to hear how this goes! We don’t do coffee, but the soda pop experiment sounds great.

  6. I’ve never thought of this but if you try it and have some success with it, I’ll definitely be trying it!

    As far as the iced coffee goes, if you keep forgetting to freeze your day old coffee, just brew your coffee twice as strong and then throw in your ice cubes. As someone who’s first job was at a coffee shop, that’s how we always did it!

  7. I can see how it would be syrupy, but I do make coke icees and they turn out well. I actually tried it this morning and will report on it tomorrow (hopefully) :-) The ideas for the coffee intrigue me, but I’m not a coffee girl. I’ll have to share them with my sister who is :-)

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