Dishing It Up Crockpot Dinner Recipes – Salsa Chicken

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With most kids going back to school this week, that means parents-including more than 6 million teachers- are finding less time at night to cook.  We thought that a collection of crockpot (slow cooker) recipes would give you some ideas for easy meals this fall.  If you have a crockpot recipe that your family enjoys feel free to link up to it or leave a comment below telling us about it!

Crockpot Salsa Chicken 

1 lb. thawed chicken thighs (it isn’t necessary to cook them in advance)
3/4 small jar of salsa
1 can corn, drained
1 cup black beans, drained

Place chicken on bottom of crock pot.
Pour all other ingredients on top in order as listed.
Cook on high for 1-1 and a half hours, then reduce to low for about 5 hours.

I usually stir about half way through the cook time and use a spatula to break up the chicken thighs into smaller shreds.

Serves 4.  If you want to double the recipe I’d recommend only using 1 and a half cans/cups of the corn and beans.



  1. Salsa makes eveything taste good. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a pork chop recipe we tried a couple of weeks ago

  3. LOL, I can’t imagine it with pork chops!

  4. We’re crockpot fans too! Besides the roasted chicken I posted on MomTrends, I also love roast beef in the crock pot or crock pot lasagna (I finally found one that doesn’t need to precook the ground beef!).

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Food on!

    ~Shannon (Food Channel Editor @ MomTrends)

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