Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From Dryer Sheets?

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I haven’t spent more than $4 total in the past 10 years on dryer sheets.  That’s including tax.  Part of the reason is because I’ve been able to get them cheap or free by combining coupons and sales, and part of the reason is because I am intentional about making them last.  If you want to stretch your dollars here are a few suggestions:

  • Instead of using 2 sheets, cut your sheets in half and use 2 halves.  They will circulate just as much as 2 wholes.  Or use one half instead of 1.  I have an old pair of cheap scissors in my laundry shelf just for this purpose and I usually cut several at a time so it’s not a hassle.
  • Reuse dryer sheets that still smell fresh.  If they still smell then they still have softner on them.  I can use 1/2 a sheet for 2 loads of laundry, then I’ll put it on top of the dryer to save to use for one more load with another twice used laundry sheet. So one full dryer sheet will last me for 5 loads of laundry.  (Since I only do 2 loads one week and 3 the next, it takes me over a year to use a 40 ct. box)
  • Once the sheets don’t have enough fresh scent left, use them to wipe dust of your tv screen or computer monitor.  It will help to deter dust.
  • Use a well used dryer sheet to collect dust from around your lint trap and dust of the top of your dryer.
  • Place used sheets that still have some fresh scent left in your sock drawers.  Socks can always use a little bit of extra freshening.
  • I have heard that keeping a sheet in your pants pocket will keep mosquitos away but I’ve never tried it personally.

My philosophy on not wasting (besides that it’s just bad all around) is that wasting something that’s free means I’ll have to buy it that much sooner.  Reducing consumption saves as much money as using a coupon does, and it also saves you shopping time.  Reducing consumption also means less time that I have to spend hunting for deals on consumable products too. I try to stretch products I have in my home as far as I can to save me time and money!  What items in your home have you learned to make last longer than average?


  1. You can also use dryer sheets to rub on a static-y dress or slip to reduce/get rid of the annoying static.

  2. What brands do you use? Mine lose their scent faster than this.

    I also use them to wipe down the dog when she’s not smelling fresh but not dirty enough for a bath yet.

  3. I agree with Judy about the static. I also used to get terrible static in my hair in the mornings and I would keep one shoved under my pillow in high school and rub it over my hair when it was sticking up in the mornings before school. Made it shiny too.

  4. I can’t believe how cheap you can get them for. I use a ton of them because of my husband’s pants. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works is bounce.

    Otherwise he looks truly silly with his nice shirt & tie, but static dress pants.

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