From the Mouths of Babes pt. 4

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Our little Turkey is 3 and a half and is full of mischief!  I try to keep a list of the funny things he says just to brighten your day every once in a while.  Please keep us in your prayers next week as he goes back under anesthesia to have his eyes checked again.  It’s a routine procedure, but anesthesia is still risky with kids this little.  (Eventually I’ll get our story of diagnosing an infant with congenital glaucoma typed up for you)

“Look Momma, I’m a clown!”

(and yes, those are his pajama pants that he’s managed to hike all the way up to his shoulders!)

“I don’t want to grow big and hit the lights, Mommy!”

and then a few hours later:

“I just want to grow big so I can ride on the spaceship, then I can shrink again!”

As his Daddy weeded the flower bed: “The plants don’t appreciate that Daddy!”

“I’m not very hungry, you can just give me some candy for dinner, ok?”

“That’s ok Mommy, you can just try again” (sadly this may be the first positive thing he’s repeated from me)

singing: “John Jacob Pickle Hammer Sit” 

Daddy: “Do you want me to stop tickling this foot”
Turkey: “Uh huh, and don’t tickle my other one either” (too smart for his own good!)

I thought some of you would enjoy this one since we are a Wheel of Fortune family-even the kids :-)

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  1. Thanks for showing pictures of the kids.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adorable! You caught some great moments.

    – Angela

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