Goodwill Finds 8/2

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I’ve mentioned several times that I like to shop at Goodwill.  Back home we would shop at Salvation Army until their raised their prices and I could do better with clearance sales.  Turkey did get his very own set of pots for Easter from Salvation Army though. 

Here in Tyler there is a massive Goodwill store that’s in an old home improvement store and I like to stop in whenever I’m over that direction.  Sometimes I leave empty handed and sometimes with just a couple pairs of shorts or pants for little Turkey.  (most of their kid’s clothes up to size 3T are just $.99) This week I found a handful of things and thought I’d share what I bought:

$1.49 soda can rack for the fridge  ($5.97 at Walmart)  We’re going to give it a try for a couple of weeks and if we don’t like it I’ll sell it for what I paid at a garage sale.

$1.99 dress for Little One to grow into in a couple of years (compared to $15.97 at the store)

$.79 lift the flap book for Turkey- great for road trips ($9.99 on the back)

$1.99 lamp shade  (12.99 at Target) Turkey doesn’t have a lamp in his room and this will match perfectly

Total Retail Cost: $44.92.  Total Cost at Goodwill: $6.26 (before tax) 

And of course I should mention that Turkey’s favorite thing to go look at when we go to Goodwill is the pots :-)

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  1. If you don’t like the can rack in your fridge, use it as an alternative to a “cansolidator” in your cupboard. That’s how I rotate some of my canned goods.

  2. I would except that my cans are all stored in those broom closets which are about 6 inches deep.

  3. If you decide you don’t want the can rack, I would be happy to buy it. I have been experimenting and researching ways to rotate my canned stock and a soda can rack is one thing I have considered.


  4. Danielle says:

    i shop at goodwill too…this weekend i found a pair of jeans for myself and my daughter, a cast iron skillet and a roasting pan. :) they were all amazing deals! i often shop there first if there’s something specific i am looking for. you never know what you’ll find!

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