My Office is Complete and My Big To Do List is Almost Checked Off!

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Several months back I asked you guys for some encouragement.  At the time I had been blogging from the couch and coffee table for months.  This means that Little One had easy access to my backspace key and constantly would erase my posts.  Meanwhile Turkey would climb all over me and the couch and inevitably would kick the computer.  I couldn’t leave my pen and notebook out for fear that either one of them would take the pen and draw all over the table.  It was not a very good work situation. 

If you remember, my intended office had become an impromptu storage room when the garage flooded.  Repeatedly.  We’d already filled the closets in the other rooms so there wasn’t any other place for these boxes. Obviously then there wasn’t exactly room for my desk and computer. 

So after making my list of all that needed to be done, I began to work in the office on weekends for just a little bit at a time.  I made a little bit of progress.  Then in June I took a class presented by Lorrie over at Creative Order and Design.  I learned a lot and since I had to pick a project I got very busy!  LOL 

It also helped that my parents were coming to town to visit for the 4th of July weekend. We really wanted to have a place for little Turkey to sleep instead of rooming in with Little One who didn’t quite understand that he wasn’t in her room to play.   I kept sorting and organizing until I had gone through everything except the Christmas decorations and school/office supplies.

We moved Turkey’s old toddler bed in for the weekend and this was our temporary guest room:  Can you find the Christmas decorations and supplies?

The space seemed much bigger and the possibility of an office was real, but that wall of boxes still really bothered me.  We hadn’t used the majority of those Christmas decorations in over 4 years so we spent an evening and pared them down by about half.  Then we took another evening and went through the office supplies.  Much of those went into the garage sale boxes because we had so many duplicates.

After another couple of weeks we moved the toddler bed back out and moved my desk in.

The boxes had to stay but I gave them a dual purpose- they serve as a
bookshelf of sorts.  I’m very pleased with the result and I’ve now been
working in my own space for about a month.  I’ve been much more
productive and less stressed.  And there’s still room for the toddler
bed for Turkey when we have the occasional out of town guests. 

We decorated with a civil war theme.  We both love American history and I love Gone With the Wind.  (That’s a 2000 piece GWTW puzzle hanging over my desk, which is another favorite past time.)   The only items on my big to do list remaining to be checked off are reorganizing the filing cabinet (I’ll do that in the spring) and getting caught up on my photo books (I’ll try this around Christmas time) So from start to finish, that’s my big to do list. Thanks for encouraging me along the way!

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  1. looks great!!

  2. wow! it looks GREAT! good work! :)

  3. thanks ladies!

  4. Anonymous says:

    looks FANTASTIC!! and I love that you didn’t try to make it into a den or TV watching room as well. I fell into that trap with a spare room of mine … it was my work-at-home office, a den for TV watching when I wanted to look at something different than what was on the FR TV, AND a spare bedroom for guests. Entirely too cluttered & I must do something different about it! (do you want another project to do? come on over!)

    anyway, congrats on your’s …..

  5. thanks Anon!

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