Video- How to Give a Boy a Haircut

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This is a picture of our little Turkey about a month after his first hair cut.  (sorry for the closed eyes but due to his glaucoma his eyes were still extremely sensitive to light)  He was only 8 months old at the time of this picture and he already needed another cut!

It pained me to think of paying $12+ every month for the next 18 years to have his hair cut.  Especially because there was always a spot or two that didn’t get cut quite right.  Let’s face it babies are gonna wiggle.  One day I pulled out my husband’s battery operated trimmer and gave little Turkey a trim around the edges.  I was satisfied and his hair cut lasted an extra month.  I did this for about a year, and watched closely while the barbers cut his hair.  It didn’t look all that difficult, so I asked my mother in law to get me a hair clippers for Christmas.   Since she used to cut her kids’ hair she was happy to oblige.  (I know it sounds like a sorry gift, but I have a hard time coming up
with things because I am actually content with what I already have.
She was probably just thrilled to have something specific to get me, but either way I ended up with a set of clippers).

I watched several videos on youtube on cutting hair.   I decided to first cut my husband’s hair and cut it longer than he wanted it.  This way I could practice and if it didn’t look right there was plenty of length left for the barber to fix it.  It actually turned out really nice.  3 weeks later I had to cut it again though :-)  Then I tried it out on little Turkey.  He sat patiently in his Daddy’s lap and just like a typical little boy he turned his head this way and that wanting to watch the trimmers, but in the end his cut turned out just as good as the barbers.  The next month I sent them to the barber just to even everything out and I watched closely again.  We keep alternating like that.  Now I cut their hair most of the time.  I think my husband has been to the barber twice in the 14 months we’ve lived in Tyler and Turkey has been once.  His hair won’t ever look perfect until he quits wiggling so I’d rather save the $13 than have the barber do it and it turn out the same.

It’s really not as difficult to cut a boy’s hair as you might think.  I recorded Turkey’s last haircut and did a bit of narration for you. My clipping set is very inexpensive so it’s not a big investment to give it a try.  There are sets for as low as $10 on Amazon.  You can get a good decent set for $25- $30.  Capes are around $10 at any beauty supply store. Two haircuts and you’ve paid for your clipping set.  Three and you’ve paid for the cape too.  Or talk a frugal friend into adventuring with you and split the cost.  :-)

Two notes of caution though- if you have long hair like me, pull it back while you’re cutting.
And cut outside- the hair will go *everywhere* :-)

If you think you’re ready to give it a try watch as many videos as you can, watch the barber do it, and start with your longest attachment so there’s room to correct any mistakes.  Here are some clipping sets on Amazon.  My set is a $25 Conair with 10 attachments.  Good luck!

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  1. Christina says:

    I quit cutting my sons hair myself mc if i let it get too long it would look like a bowl cut. i never though about using 3 differrent guards(I only used 2) but I am definitly going to try that next time. i wish my little boy would sit that still lol He done a good job and you did too :)

  2. LOL, we have a few pictures of bowl cuts too. If I let it go too long I do give it the once over with the 7 or 8 first so the hair won’t snag and pull.

    I did cut his squirmiest parts of the video out :-) For the most part I think he was just trying to figure out what I was talking about. haha

  3. you can do it danielle! watch the barbers closely to see how they do it. Even just trimming up around the ears, bangs and nape of the neck between cuts will help stretch your dollars.

    I thought about cutting out his question, but decided it was too cute too. Obviously he had forgotten all about the camera by the time I asked him to wave :-)

  4. Danielle says:

    thank you so much for posting this!!! the time when our son will need his first haircut is nearing. i don’t know if i’ll cut it for his first hair cut, but definitely will eventually. It’s such a huge money saver! i love the “mommy, who are you talking to?” comment. lol!

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