E-mail Changes for TTP Subscribers

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Over the past several weeks I’ve experimented with different options for my daily e-mails.  My preferred option would be to have the first paragraph of each post be included in the daily e-mails, but this option seems to not work properly.  Using the page break option works well, but leaves the website looking a mess.  So, by popular demand I’ve decided to switch my e-mail subscription to full subscription, so you will receive each post in it’s entirety, with the exception of I-frames (google documents and linky lists for the most part)  While you’re getting the full content of my posts, you are not seeing any content that I have placed my sidebars: recommended sites, TTP advertisers, hot deals including Amazon daily deals, etc.  Please remember to hop on over and visit the site from time to time to see this other content.   

I hope this change will be a welcome one!

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