Reusing Ziploc Bags and Tips for Freezing Food- Things that Break the Budget and How to Avoid Them.

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I hope you’re working on finding ways to avoid eating out that will work for your family.  If so, I’m guessing you’re doing a bit of freezer cooking/double batch cooking and perhaps being a bit more intentional with eating leftovers.  Do you have good storage containers to use?  I keep an assortment of butter and sour cream tubs, as well as various other smaller containers, on hand for storage. These don’t work real great for freezing though.

If you’re freezing foods I’d recommend using pyrex or rubbermaid dishes with lids.  We also use a lot of ziploc baggies because they are easier to fit into small spaces in the freezer and we can fit more food in the freezer that way.  I don’t usually throw them away though- I label them with the food and date, then when they are emptied I store them on the side of my freezer to be used again for the same food item. Staying in the freezer keeps them just as sterile as a new baggie. I also do this with a lot of items in my cabinets that I use ziploc baggies to keep fresh, like crackers and pasta. Note- I don’t wash my baggies- I don’t think it’s worth that time and effort. I reuse until they aren’t reusable, then start with a new one. Same convenience of a ziploc without so much waste.

Some people line casserole dishes with foil and freeze casseroles in the dishes.  Then they can wrap the casserole frozen in foil but use the dish for another casserole. I haven’t tried this trick yet since most of our freezer cooking is just cooked meats. Maybe some of you have and can let us know how it works for you.

I’ve also heard of many people who use the food savers, but with the cost of the plastic I didn’t feel like this was a good option over ziplocs.  It may work for your family though.

Do you have any other ideas for thrifty ways to store your food.

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