DVDs for $7 or Less With Coupons

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We typically rent movies for free from the library (ok, ok we typically rent movies for the $.25 late fee)
instead of buying them or paying for rentals.  We own plenty of movies
that we just don’t ever seem to watch, so we try not to add more to
that dust collection. If you are going to buy DVDs I
recommend that you try to get the for less than $10.  Movies are getting cheaper and cheaper and if you wait a little while you should be able to get even newer releases at
that price.  The matchups below are all $7 or less, but I’m sure that
some of these titles will be on sale for $5 on Black Friday, which is now just 3 weeks away.
  You might consider printing and holding on to these Qs for those sales too!

Fantastic Mr. Fox $7.50 at Walmart, $7.00 at Target use
use $2.00 off Fantastic Mr. Fox on DVD 
Price after Q = as low as $5.00

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief $10 at Walmart, $13 at Target
$3.00 off Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief 
Price after Q = as low as $7

Alvin and the Chipmunks $7.50 at Walmart, $9 at Target
use $2.00 off Alvin and The Chipmunks on DVD 
Price after Q = as low as $5.50

Tooth Fairy $10 at Walmart $14.99 at Target
use 3.00 off Tooth Fairy on DVD 
Price after Q = as low as $7.00

Ice Age: The Meltdown $7.50 at Walmart, $9 at Target
use $2.00 off Ice Age: The Meltdown on DVD  
Price after Q = as low as $5.50

Please keep in mind that Walmart and Target stores’ prices vary by region and by store. 

Thanks to Slop Swap for the Walmart matchups!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t check the expirations on these coupons but I usually wait til Black Friday for dvd’s.

    If the coupons are still good then…then it’s an awesome deal..and many of these titles will surely be included in their sales.

    I made that mistake last year…bought a popular movie that came out at walmart for $13…in Oct. Sure enough it was on sale for even less black friday…and I was keeping it for a Cmas present anyway.
    With walmart it’s always a gamble. The first week a movie is out it is always less expensive than if you wait a week or two. But if black friday is coming you can count on a better price later.