My First Texas Garage Sale Trip

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Since we moved to Texas a year and a half ago I haven’t really been to any garage sales.  Oh, I’ve been to one or two here and there, but not really gone garage saleing like I used to do back in Arkansas.  Not only did I not know where I was going, but we had been trying to reduce our amount of stuff.  Now we’re at a point that we’re looking for a few things. So I ventured out this morning with my friend C.T. to the city wide sale in a suburb about 7 miles south of Tyler.

It was chilly out, but I really enjoyed myself.  I hit about 30 garage sales in 3 hours (I love hitting neighborhood and city sale days) and managed to pick up a few things on my list.  For $3.50 I bought:

  • 2 T-shirts for hubby
  • 2 puzzles for little Turkey (he’s in that awkward between 24 and 100 pc stage)
  • a winter sleeper for Little One
  • a cowboy hat for dress up
  • a Guess Who travel Game
  • a Gridlock.

Don’t know what a Gridlock is?  This my friends, is one of the best inventions to ever come from my childhood era (the 80’s).  It’s a puzzle of sorts.

Gridlock 80's puzzle game garage sale find

There are different pieces inside this case with letters on their underside.  There are 50 puzzle codes on the case that tell you which letters of pieces you need to put on the grid to complete each of the 50 puzzles.  It’s not as easy as it looks, trust me!  Turkey’s already given it a go and spent a good 15 minutes working on his puzzle without giving up.  It’s great for some non screen time on a trip. For a quarter, it was my favorite find of the day! And yes, now we have two LOL.

Thanks to my friend C.T for being my garage sale chauffeur for the morning and for the hot chocolate!


  1. Oh MY GOSH! I STILL have my Gridlock Puzzle to!!♥ Excellent score for $0.25!! WTG

  2. What?! No cast iron? 😉

  3. LOL Pary, I said garage sales not estate sales. We pulled up at one sale and after glancing at the two women and the tables of “treasures” I told my friend to “keep the van running, this will be a 30 second stop” or something like that.

  4. I stopped by a few on my trip to the 99cents only store yesterday, and there was one I just had to bring my daughter back to. It was just around the block and had some great clothes for my kids. She even found a Barbie that she bought herself for $1. It was Rapunzel from the tangled movie and in great shape. Looks a lot better since I spend half an hour brushing her hair this morning 😉

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