Homemaking Plan Week 9 of 2012

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As I sit down to write the menu for the week, I’m writing out my 4
weekly “to do” lists (personal tasks, blogging tasks, cleaning chores,
less common maintenance cleaning tasks).  It’s helping me to accomplish
things that easily get pushed aside otherwise,
even if I don’t get them all checked off!

Last week I put up a poll to see what sort of cleaning routine you guys had.  The top 3 responses (carrying 82% of the votes) were:

1st – As Needed
2nd – 1 Day a Week
3rd – 1 Task Per Day

I’m definitely a clean as needed kind of gal, but that sure does backfire when it all needs cleaning at once (like last week for company) or when I redefine the word clean so I can do something else instead.  I have a feeling that it’s going to take the entire year or longer to come up with a plan that works for me, but I’m determined to figure out this homemaking thing :-)

I’m not sure how much of anything I’ll get done this week.  I was down most of the day Sunday with dehydration. I was only able to stay on my feet about 15 minutes at a time.  I may have to reserve my energy for all the commitments I have this week instead of chores.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for health over the next few days!

This week’s maintenance chores in addition to daily functioning cleaning chores.

  1. Dust all blinds.  A monstrous task but they are driving me nuts – plus, when your 4 yr old notices the dust- it’s bad!
  2. Clean door frames, window frames and light plates in bedrooms and bathrooms. (yep this was on the list last week as well)
  3. 15 minutes daily tidy after the kids go to bed

See?  Nothing too involved, just things that will help me stay on
top of things at home instead of letting the week slip away from me
because none of those things seem pressing to be done immediately.