Bagnetic Reusable Bag Review and Giveaway

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It’s commonly known that I’m a lover of reusable bags.  I use them even in stores that don’t offer a credit for bringing my own bag.  The cashiers at Walgreens will ask me where my bag is if I forget it :-)  Even loving reusable bags there are some downsides:

  • Having to remember them
  • They take up a lot of space when you try to hang them on the backdoor to avoid forgetting them
  • The cashiers have a hard time keeping them open to load them
  • Some bags tear up when washed
Last fall I found a great new reusable bag to take away all of those frustrations:   

Bagnetic bags are designed to be used on the plastic bag racks at the stores.  The metal rings are magnetic and there is an extra hook on the back, so when one side of the bag is pulled forward for loading, the back side will stay on the rack. So far every cashier I’ve had has loved them (and I’ve been using them for 6 months now!)  Several have even asked where they could buy them at for themselves :-)  We all know how much cashiers abhor reusable bags, so this is a pretty convincing product. I love them because:

  • They stay on the bag rack at the store AND stay open while loading items into them
  • They stay attached together in my van and don’t make a mess
  • I can hang them on the side of my washer/dryer or fridge instead of on the door knob
  • They distribute weight better so my back and hands don’t hurt as much when carrying heavy groceries
  • They wash well
  • Some bags come with a built in pouch to carry them compactly in your purse

    Don’t believe me?  Check out this video demo of their bags:

    They also make a reusable mesh produce bag with a drawstring and clip.  For the longest time I couldn’t seem to remember to use them.  When I did use them at the store I found them to be a bit awkward.  But, what plastic shriveled produce bag have you found that isn’t awkward? In actuality they’re pretty easy to use and work much better than plastic because the produce can actually breathe!  The drawstring clip is much quicker than tying a knot or using a twist tie at the store. The produce bag does weigh a half ounce, so if you’re buying produce buy weight and not unit keep in mind that using the bag will cost you an extra $.03 per .99/lb. price.  I typically only use mine on produce sold by the unit so the extra tad bit of weight isn’t a factor.   I’m sure you could cut the clip off the drawstring since that’s where the extra weight is.

    The last Bagnetic product I have is a jumbo carabiner clip for carrying the loaded bags or storing them.  Honestly I haven’t found this to be a useful product for me.  I typically only shop from the sale ads (excluding milk, bread and bananas) Consequently most shopping trips don’t yield a lot of purchases – especially heavy ones.  On the rare occasion that I do buy a large quantity of items, my husband will carry them inside the house in one load before I can get them hooked on the clip.  Let’s just say that most 5th graders are bigger than me, and very few adults are bigger than him and leave it at that 😉  As far as storing the bagnetic bags on the clip, I felt this was an unneccessary step. They stay nicely on my dryer until I take them out to the van and they stay hooked together well in the van.  While a good idea, the jumbo clip just isn’t practical for us. It probably works well for those without laundry rooms on the way out to the garage.

    I’ve had the Bagnetic bags for 6 months and absolutely love using them!  They are much easier than regular reusable bags when I do my grocery shopping and they make the cashiers happy.  This is truly a product that will help save resources without being a nuisance.

    The fabulous folks at Bagnetic sent me the Family Pack to review and are giving one to a lucky reader as well!  The Family Pack includes 4 Bagnetic bags, 4 produce bags and 1 jumbo carabiner clip. You can enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter below.  There are several ways to enter. The giveaway will end on May 9th at 11:59 pm EST.

    If you can’t wait to try them, you can use code “earth12” for a 30% discount on the blue and green RPET bags.

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    1. i would love to win this because i have never seen such cool bags that are reusable, light weight, and colorful. love them!

    2. I’d like to use reusable bags everywhere, not just the grocery store and would love to own a cute set. I also would love to have the produce bags.
      bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

    3. I would like to win this because I use cloth bags when shopping and these look really cool!

    4. Bernice R. says:

      First time here… excited to look around. I would really like to win these bags but if not, I will definitely be looking into purchasing in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

    5. I would like to win because some of my current bags are starting to fall apart and will need replacing!

    6. This looks like a very cool product. I usually get plastic bags and reuse them in trash cans, but I’ve been thinking about trying something like this.


    7. Heather Gordon says:

      I would love to win because I have yet to use a reusable bag but each time I go the grocery store, I think to myself I really should start. This could be my inspiration!

    8. kristie says:

      Better for enviroment

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