Organizing the Kitchen Cupboards – I’ve Tackled My Week’s Homemaking Chores Already!

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So far I’m doing really well with my homemaking tasks for this week.  My “extra” goals (not typical cleaning chores) were to clean the microwave & stove and to organize the pots, pans & skillets.  I had asked my husband what things he’d like to see get done this week.  I’m not sure if I’ve been extra motivated because of this, or because I don’t want to clean the bathrooms.  Either way, it’s working – pots/pan/skillets are organized, microwave cleaned and the stove is in the process.  I think I may ask him to help me make my list every week :-)

Even though it was caked with bacon grease from a freezer cooking session, the microwave was very easy to clean.  I put a measuring cup of water with a drop of lemon juice in and let Turkey plug in the numbers to heat it up.  He gets to pick whatever numbers he wants since it won’t matter.  After a couple of minutes there is enough moisture in the microwave to pretty much wipe everything right off. Just the way I like it- no scrubbing required!

As I said the stove is in process.  The top has been “scrubbed” and the stove eyes cleaned with steel wool.  Now the burner drip trays are soaking before I “scrub” them.

These were the cabinets before.  Things were stacked haphazardly and mostly piled up near the door instead of stored away in the extended corner portion of the cubby.  The door wouldn’t even close!

I had Turkey help me get back into the corner of the cabinet to get things out.  He was thrilled to pull all of the pots out and took his job very seriously.  He kept asking me “Can you please scoot over and give me some room to work?” LOL.  We pulled everything out and then started placing our “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” items. “D” items (things rarely used like the electric griddle, stock pot and fish breader) were placed in the very back corner of the cabinet.  Next came the “C” items (things used occasionally – George Foreman grill, bundt pan, cooling racks and electric knife)  “B” items (crockpot, extra bread pans, grater, food chopper) and “A” or everyday items (regular pots and skillets).  The problem with this cabinet isn’t that we don’t know where things go. It’s not wanting to move things to put the C and D items back.  That is a habit that we need to correct!

Ah – much better!  We put everything back into these cabinets and yet it feels like there is so much extra room.  While “we” were organizing, Turkey was having a blast with all the pots.  He kept counting them and pretending to cook with them.  When I started needing to put them back, he would debate for a minute and then say “I guess you can have this one, but be really careful with it because I’ll need it back”.  He really enjoyed the task though and wasn’t bugging me to hurry up and finish, so it was a nice change.

It’s good to be done with my extra tasks for the week- now I have 5 days to think about what should be done for next week!  Check back on Monday to see what I’ll be tackling next week.

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  1. That is a really neat kitchen cabinet you have there and what a cute little boy =) Great job on organizing =)

  2. I like your A, B, C, and D plan – good idea. Also, great job on cleaning up and getting organized!

  3. These bags will be great for my daughter, Cailtin. She is disabled amd the fabric looks stiffer for easier packing of food and they are easy to store where she can easily grab them before she goes out to shop.

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