Simple Homemaking Plan Week 17 of 2012

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As I sit down to write the menu for the week, I’m writing out my 4
weekly “to do” lists (personal tasks, blogging tasks, cleaning chores,
less common maintenance cleaning tasks). It’s helping me to accomplish
things that easily get pushed aside otherwise, even if I don’t get them
all checked off! 

This week I spent about an hour working on painting the trim in the kids/guest bathroom this week.  I even managed to get everything on my homemaking lists from the past 2 weeks completed! This week there were some unexpected work and extended family issues so I barely stayed on top of my blogging and “to do” lists.  I’m starting this week with renewed vigor to be diligent in my work. 

 This week’s maintenance chores in addition to daily functioning cleaning chores: 

  • Organize / clean out the pots/pans cabinet
  • Clean stove top and stove eyes
  • Clean microwave (I cooked 3 lbs. of bacon 2 weeks ago and have neglected it since)
  • 15 minutes daily tidy after the kids go to bed 

My husband selected this week’s tasks.  I couldn’t come up with anything, so I asked what would make a difference for him this week.  I love knowing what I’m doing makes a difference!

See?  Nothing too involved, just things that will help me stay
on top of things at home instead of letting the week slip away from
me because none of those things seem pressing to be done

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  1. I love that you had your husband make out your list. What a great idea!

    I also love that you’re doing daily cleaning *as well as* maintenance. Maintenance is great because it helps us keep the things/areas clean that we already cleaned, lol!

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!