Walmart Lowest Price List – First Stage

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It seems like people are always telling me that they shop at Walmart because they can save the most money.  I have to politely disagree. So many people seem to believe the myth that Walmart has the lowest prices, so I think it’s time to prove they are wrong.

Last night I spent quite a while going through my Walmart and jotting down the lowest prices available for the items on my price list.  Most of these were the generic brands.  Many our family has tried and found to be of lesser quality as other brands that we’re able to buy for less money by shopping sales and using coupons. So keep quality in mind as you use this list. We all know that Walmart will change their prices on a whim, and that prices vary by store anyway, but I think this list will give you a good idea.

When you’re looking through sale ads for other stores, check to see if the sale price beats the Walmart price.  Sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t, but now I’ll know whether a sale is really better than the “lowest price guarantee”.  Compared to my buy prices, most times it is.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating this list with sale prices from the past few months on the same items.  They say the proof is in the pudding, and I’m whipping up a batch for everyone!

Feel free to print this list and carry it with you in your binder or coupon clutch.  It prints best from Firefox.

Thrifty Texas Penny Walmart Lowest Price List

You can also find my original customizable price list here.


  1. thank you, thank you, thank you!! this is wonderful!!

  2. yes the quality does play a big part!!! I have had many cans of oatmeal I bought at the drug store but the ONE can I bought at walmart INFESTED my house with mealworm/mealmoths! That wiped out all the savings from most everything in my pantry!!! So that $2.50 ‘value’ cost me close to $100 and counting!
    Thank you for taking the time to price check and share it Cricket! I know L’Oreal face soap is slightly cheaper than the drug stores even when they are on sale.

  3. I only shop at walmart! I love it because, those “great” prices that come around only once and a while at the drug stores and other grocery stores can be Price Matched at Wal-mart, plus you can use a coupon on the price matched items. Its like stacking coupons!! Wal-Mart guarantees that they will have the lowest price around, or they will match the competitors price. I shop in the same cycles that everyone else does, I get the sames prices as if I visited 10 different stores with only 1 trip to Wal-Mart.

  4. Belynnda Mills says:

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to compile this list for us! Your right Wal-Mart doesn’t always have the lowest price but I love that they will price match.

  5. You are so right, i used to shop at walmart all the time and spend like $100 on every shopping trip, but now i do the drugstore game and spend so little out of pocket, thanks for ur blog!!!! This is so helpful :)

  6. thank you – you provide us with so much information – people can make their own choices, but you’ve put the #s out there for them to see before they do so!

  7. thank you – you provide us with so much information – people can make their own choices, but you’ve put the #s out there for them to see before they do so!

  8. This is so totally awesome!! Thanks bunches for taking the time to compile this list!!!

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