Bad Things Come in Threes – Leaks and Climbing Babies Included

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We went to visit my Mother-in-law this weekend.  I mentioned on FB that Little One decided to not stay in her crib and had to be promoted to a toddler bed.  Yep, those fun nights of dealing with night terrors and a child in a toddler bed for the first time were while we were out of town :-)  

We got home about 8 last night.  I had hoped we’d be able to put Little One back in her crib but she crawled out and fell before I could make it back down the hall :-(  I had to rush out to CVS to use a large ECB that was about to expire so I left Hubby with the chore of figuring out how to make her stay in the crib since her toddler bed is still in the garage.  While I was putting up the things I’d bought at CVS and tidying up the kitchen I noticed our 12 pk cokes were all sitting in water.  Water was pooled on both sides of the fridge and had seeped through the wall behind it and wet the carpet as well. Much to my husband’s dismay we pulled up the carpet, cut off the wet pad, pulled the baseboards back and set a fan on it. Hopefully since it was a relatively small amount of water (for leaking 2 days) it will dry up and we won’t have to replace anything except the small portion of padding.

Did I mention that we just had a leak repaired on the AC unit last week?  LOL, when it rains it pours.  The Lord is certainly putting me to the test on Little One’s first week at home full time since September!

I’m counting the fridge as our 3rd thing, so hopefully we’re through with minor calamities :-)

Unfortunately the next day Little One stood up on her trike and may have broken her nose.  She’s got quite the bruise across the bridge and it’s still oozing a bit of blood from time to time.  There’s nothing that can be done for a broken nose (unless it’s crooked and needs to be set which is a huge ordeal) so we haven’t taken her to the doctor to confirm. 

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