Free Sewing Machine Online Class!

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I can use my sewing machine for basic projects like curtains (i.e. sewing straight lines) .  I can turn out cushion covers or very, very simple costumes as long as no one is going to look too closely at them.  However, when something goes wrong, I’m at a loss for how to fix it.  I read the manual but get lost with all the terms used. That’s why I’m so excited to find out about this free online “Sewing Machine 911” class by Claudia Miller of Craftsy.  She says:

“In my free online Craftsy class, Sewing Machine
911, I teach all about the typical ills most machines suffer from, and
how to easily remedy those pesky problems. Gain confidence in
troubleshooting your own machine issues with my tips and tricks. In this
class, I discuss both vintage and modern machines, new and used. All of
these machines can sew, and they can sew well when the user understands
them correctly. Work with me and get to know the ins and outs of your
sewing machine, including the basic components of each machine, spotting
symptoms, knowing when to take your machine to a professional, and much

this class you’ll learn how to diagnose your machine’s symptoms and how to
easily fix the most common issues
, including jammed machines, top thread
breaks, needle breaks, and more. Claudia also explains the basic parts
and functions of every machine. Whether your machine is still in the
box, you’re working on a hand-me-down, or even if you’re an experienced
seamstress who still struggles with tension, this is the class for you! Since it’s free there’s nothing to lose if you don’t learn anything new. 

The class is completely free and you can access it 24/7 online as many times as you like. You can sign up here to get started whenever you’d like.